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Buckhead Robber Thrwarted by Pistol-packing Cabbie | News

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Buckhead Robber Thrwarted by Pistol-packing Cabbie


Imran Mehdi is a driver for Buckhead Safety Cab.  Stopped at a traffic light in Buckhead, a man he thought was a customer asked for a ride to Lenox.

"I picked him up and he said, 'take me to the ATM first,'" Mehdi told 11 Alive News.

"However when he got out of the cab, he went directly inside the bank," said APD Sgt. Tommie Collins.
"He went inside with a paper bag.  So that tipped me off," said Mehdi.

The cab driver says his passenger went into the bank and returned within seconds.   Brandishing a pistol, the cabdriver says the passenger forced his way back into the cab.

But the cabdriver had a weapon of his own.

Imran Mehdi says the passenger-turned-bank robber pointed a gun at him and told him to drive.  But Mehdi pulled his Ruger P-89 semi-automatic pistol, and the passenger made an abrupt exit from the cab.


"So I shot one in the air, then I looked at him and I started shooting at him, a few more shots," said Mehdi.
"He was a permit holder so he was authorized to have that weapon," Sgt. Collins said of Mehdi.
The robber ran off.  A motorcycle cop showed up, and Mehdi pointed out the suspect.  Police say they relieved him of a paper bag full of stolen money and locked him into the back of an Atlanta police car.  Police say he's a homeless man, identity not immediately known.

"And later, I found out it was a damned plastic gun," said Mehdi ruefully.
"It was pretty stupid of him.   I guess he didn't think (that) the cabdriver would have a gun too.   That's the beauty of Georgia," said Mehdi, who says he has carried a gun whenever he's driven his taxi.



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