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Class Act: This Is the Best Job! | News

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Class Act: This Is the Best Job!

When you meet Melissa Zaher and see her in action with science, you think she's a natural at it. But, it took her awhile to figure that out.

"Let's pretend that Ms. Zaher has a deteriorating muscle in my leg and I need new muscle cells. And they're going to insert it (an object) into a muscle cell that need to be removed," she tells her students at Atlanta's Sutton Middle School.

A simple show-and-tell with Jello becomes an eye-opening look into DNA.

Melissa Zaher knows how to grab and hook seventh graders into learning at Atlanta's Sutton Middle School.

"She does a lot of cool labs and stuff and we get to do a lot of stuff by ourselves," said one student.

"She gives you ways where you can remember certain things that may be difficult to learn," agreed another student.

"I'm basically a cheerleader for science, because we will also do cheers in class," Zaher said.

Zaher loves teaching middle school students.

"This is the most difficult job that I've ever had. You're teacher, but you're also mom, you're also dad, you're nurse, you're also counselor, you're friend," said Zaher.

It took several career turns before she found her calling in teaching.

"I've been a lifeguard, a mechanic. I used to drive a wrecker for my dad. I've been in the restaurant business in and out for awhile. I used to have a job working for MTV. I worked for a college television network. I've been an accountant. I've been a receptionist," she said.

"She came in totally enthusiastic. She was a student teacher here. We were able to hire her. We were thrilled," said Sutton Middle School Principal, Audrey Sofianos. " "It's so exciting to see someone this excellent early in her career. It just makes me excited about the future of education,"

"It's so rewarding to reach out and help these kids find what direction they want to go in," said Zaher. I love all their different personalities."


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