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Try It Review: EZ Jet Water Cannon

Keeping his car looking clean is important to Greg Welch, but when he doesn't have time to wash it himself, he has to pay the on-site detailer at his office and that can get expensive.

"They charge usually about $20 and then of course there's a tip involved," Greg said. 

The EZ Jet Water Cannon multi-nozzle hose attachment claims it has the power for all the jobs around your house.  It sells in stores and on-line for $20.

"It looks easy. The name says it's easy," he said.  "So it must be easy right?"

So Greg hooked it up to the garden hose and got to work.

The 15 inch nozzle has eight different patterns, everything from mist, to shower, to jet.

"The different spray setting work really well," he said, "getting everything from high pressure to low pressure to just a light mist."

Greg especially liked how you don't have to squeeze the handle to turn the spray on and off.

"On and off is great, as you can see it doesn't leak at all when it's turned off," he said.  "It's very easy to move the lever to water or if you want soap mixture with it."

There's even a built in reservoir that holds a few ounces of soap or fertilizer that will automatically mix with water.

Greg used liquid detergent to wash his car but found it lasted less than a minute in the sprayer. But he still liked the convenience.

"I think it's probably easier than mixing a bucket together," he said.

Greg does warn that the advertising claims comparing the EZ Jet to a power washer are just exaggeration.  "You still would need a sponge to get the real tough spots off," he said.  "It does have good pressure, not enough to pull everything off."

Still for an easy to use nozzle attachment with lots of useful features, Greg is impressed. "For the EZ Jet Water Cannon, I give it two thumbs up."


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