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Try It Review: Gourmet Quick Chop

ATLANTA -- One year-old Skyler is the apple of her mom's eye. But Samantha Welch says trying to whip up dinner while watching a toddler can be trying.

"She likes to pull everything out of the drawers, tries to open things, climb up" Samantha said. "She usually sits on my feet and then if I've got hot stuff on the stove or if I'm trying to chop things up, it gets really hectic at 5:00."

Before the Slap Chop, the late Billy Mays pitched the Gourmet Quick Chop that claims to be the fast, easy way to chop, mince, slice and dice with just a tap.

The $20 set also comes with a grater, juicer and egg separator.

First Samantha and her husband, Greg, tried dicing up a potato, but problems cropped up right away.

The potato didn't work at all," said Samantha.

The Quick Chops rotating blade is supposed to cut faster than a knife and easier than a processor, but the potato kept getting stuck between the blades.

So Greg tried slicing the potato into smaller pieces.

"We tried a whole first, cut it in half, cut it in half again," said Greg.

"At that I might as well cut the whole thing up and start cooking dinner," said Samantha.

At this point the couple might have double checked the directions but since there weren't any, they moved on to an onion.

The maker claims you can dice onions without tears but don't tell Samantha that.

"I cry every time with onions and I cried with the onion this time," She said. "Same thing as the potato, we cut it into quarters and it didn't chop it."

They hoped something softer like a tomato would work, but no such luck.

"The tomato," Greg said, "just flattened it out. No dicing, no cutting, just squished it."

Finally after slicing an apple up into small strips, they were able to make some bite sized nuggets.

"A smaller piece got chopped up really well," said Samantha, "but not worth the time and effort that it took to do it."

Skyler had a little fun banging on the plunger, but her parents were less enthusiastic.

"Our rating for the Gourmet Quick Chop," agreed Samantha and Greg, "is two thumbs down."


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