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Wider Sidewalks and a City-Like Feel Comes to Buckhead | Business

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Wider Sidewalks and a City-Like Feel Comes to Buckhead

Recently, the Atlanta City Council approved new zoning that will bring welcomed changes to Buckhead, setting the stage for a more walkable, urban community enriched with public art and parks, wide sidewalks, green space, transportation options and outdoor dining.

The new district enhances existing regulations by clearly defining street treatments, facades, sidewalk widths, signage, greenspace and other public elements.

The new district also includes two types of precedent setting incentives to ensure quality development that aligns with Buckhead’s community improvement mission.  Developers can earn additional buildable space, by incorporating community-focused elements in their developments, such as public art, green space, LEED certification and joint development of infrastructure.   In addition, developers will be able to shift their density from property to property within the district to ensure that projects are more in scale with one another and facilitating the development of interesting, varied architecture. 

A public-private partnership with the City of Atlanta, The Buckhead SPI-9 Expansion and Update is funded by the Buckhead CID and the Atlanta Regional Commission as part of its Livable Centers Initiative Program, in cooperation with the Buckhead Area Transportation Management Association, the City of Atlanta and Neighborhood Planning Unit B of Buckhead.