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Shrek the Musical at the Fox Theatre through May 1st (***Reivew***) | Arts & Culture

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Shrek the Musical at the Fox Theatre through May 1st (***Reivew***)
Shrek the Musical at the Fox Theatre through May 1st (***Reivew***)

On Tuesday night, I was given the chance to see Shrek the Musical at the fabulous Fox Theatre. To say that I simply "enjoyed" the show would be a travesty. The show was amazing! I left the Fox singing and dancing and I haven't stopped since.

The show followed the movie pretty closely, with many new songs added in and some hilarious jokes that flew right over the the heads of the kids in the audience but made every adult in the room nearly spit out their drink all over the unlucky patron in front of them. Donkey (Alan Mingo, Jr.) was, as any good Donkey should be, hilarious and Shrek (Eric Petersen) was just as ogre-ific, yet lovable as the animated version. Princess Fiona (Haven Burton) was pleasantly in-your-face with the ogre and her younger versions (Hayley Feinstein and Sarah Peak) were so adorable I just wanted to pinch their little cheeks!

The unexpected star of the show, however, was Lord Farquaad (David F.M. Vaughn). The notoriously short wannabe king of Duloc brought me to tears more than once in fits of laughter. Simply state, Vaughn nailed the role and Lord Farquaad stole the show.

The songs (especially "Freak Flag") have been coursing through my head since the show and I really wish I could go again and again just for the experience. From sweet to sassy, the songs captured the story so perfectly that they just carried the audience away.

If you have a chance this week, I cannot recommend this show enough. Make the time! Take the kids and enjoy this show! Just remember that the show is a full two and a half hours, so the littlest ones may become restless before the end of the show. Get your tickets by clicking here and enjoy Shrek the Musical!