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The Junior League of Atlanta: Why early childhood education matters | Families

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The Junior League of Atlanta: Why early childhood education matters
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The Junior League of Atlanta: Why early childhood education matters

ATLANTA -- September is National Literacy Month and the Junior League of Atlanta wants you to learn how you can contribute to your child's reading success.

Did you know that the brain will grow to about 80 percent of the adult size by the age of 3 and 90 percent by the age of 5? The lack of access to early childhood education has long-term consequences for later life. All children, including very young children, should be exposed to the broadest possible range of positive experiences and encouraged to learn in all ways.

Early childhood education is such a significant issue for our community because children that do not succeed in school have the greatest obstacles to overcome if they are to succeed in life. Consider these facts:

  • During the first five years, 90% of the brain is developed; thus, they are called the formative years for a reason. [GEEARS]

  • Regardless of socioeconomic circumstances, 1 out of every 3 of Georgia’s school children come unprepared to begin school. [Ferst Foundation for Childhood Literacy]

  • The issue of Early Childhood Education affects everyone. The cost of failing is not only at the cost of our children, but there is a real dollars and cents cost that affects everyone.

  • Approximately 40% of high school graduates lack the literacy skills employers seek. [Achieve, Inc. 2005]

  • Georgia spends $170 million per year on remedial education. [Ferst Foundation for Childhood Literacy]

  • Illiteracy and low literacy workers cost Atlanta approximately $2.6 billion each year. [Ferst Foundation for Childhood Literacy]

  • Every $1 spent on early childhood education benefits the public an estimated $7 in return. [Voices for Georgia’s Children]

Tips For Promoting Education In Everyday Life

  • Subscribe: Purchase a subscription to publications that support learning and keep your child engaged. Highlights is a great choice that kids love!

  • Read Stories Based on Interests: Try to identify books that are based on interest your child has. If they like the subject, they will be instantly engaged.

  • Attend Readings: Take your child to public readings at the library or local book store. This will promote reading as a social aspect of life!

  • Put Time on Your Calendar: We all have busy lives so carving out time for reading with your child needs to be scheduled! Your child will look forward to reading at this time, and it will be become a part of your routine.

The Junior League of Atlanta recognize that improving early childhood education will be an incredibly complex challenge; and only through everyone’s collective efforts, both within the public and private sectors, will we achieve success. Today, within the community, they are continuing to expand their Journey to Literacy Program, offering resources for reading to children, and demonstrations to parents. Click here for more information.

How do you engage in your child's education? Do you read them books? Help them pursue their taltents or hobbies? Do you expose your child to a wide variety of experiences? Do you play games together? Head to the Bluebird Patch and tell us in our comment section and you could win a gift card to Zoo Atlanta!

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