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Bill makes solar power a smart move for homeowners | News

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Bill makes solar power a smart move for homeowners

ATLANTA -- "Welcome to our most favorite asset of our house," Rutherford Seydel said.

Most people don't do interviews on the roof of their house, but to Seydel and his wife, Laura Turner Seydel, showing off their solar power system is one way to celebrate the passage of House Bill 57. Called the Solar Power Free Market Financing Act, it will make it easier and more affordable for Georgia homeowners and businesses to put solar panels on their rooftops.

The bill, expected to be signed into law by Governor Deal, allows home and business owners to finance installation, which can cost anywhere from a few thousand to up to $15,000. By financing, homeowners can avoid the upfront costs and pay for their system over time with what they save on their monthly power bill.

The Seydels' home, Eco Manor in Buckhead, has served as a local blueprint for how homeowners can go green.

Rutherford Seydel explained that, "An installer will put it (solar panel system) there under this law. An installer will be able to be paid back from the savings that you get from your power bill."

"After everything is paid off in six to ten years, you get free energy, because these panels are warrantied for 25 years, so you get free energy," Turner Seydel added.

Brion Fitzpatrick with Inman Solar installed the Seydels' nine kilowatt system, which cuts their power bill by $2,000 a year.

"The ultimate dream for us is to all have energy we produce not only in our country, but locally on your own home," Rutherford Seydel said.

Pulling less off the grid puts more money in your pocket -- not to mention what it does for the environment. One solar panel system is equivalent to planting 150 to 200 trees and offsets the emissions of two fossil burning vehicles -- which makes for a happier earth.

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