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Leaders to unveil new Buckhead cameras, license readers | News

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Leaders to unveil new Buckhead cameras, license readers

ATLANTA (WXIA) -- City leaders are working on a plan to bring more cameras and crime-stopping technology to Buckhead neighborhoods, specifically residential areas.

It comes in the wake of a summer filled with violent incidents in the area. Longtime Buckhead resident and Atlanta City Council District 8 representative Yolanda Adrean says she has never seen crime this bad in her area.

"I've been in the neighborhood 17 years, and I'm not aware of something like this before," she said. "The addition of people with guns is frightening."

Three of the recent home invasions happened in Adrean's district. But even after arrests in those crimes, she said, they must take action to steer future criminals away.

"District 8 has easy on/off access to the highway," she said, referencing the area's proximity to Interstate 75. "That seems to make us an easy target."

But those new cameras already watching over Buckhead's business district are not as easy to come by in the residential areas.

"They have the taxing districts and they have the businesses, they have the wherewithal to help fund these things," Adrean said.

New cameras and new license plate scanners are currently in the works for District 8; Adrean says they will add as many as they can afford. The plan is currently being created by the Atlanta Police Foundation, to be paid for by a public-private partnership.

Buckhead Coalition president and former Atlanta mayor Sam Massell says neighbors who, in the past, might have seen cameras as an invasion of privacy, now welcome them as a deterrent.

"A would-be criminal sees that blue light blinking up there - he or she know there's a camera around, and they'll go to some other territory," Massell said, describing the tell-tale blue light that accompanies most police security cameras.

Massell said the Buckhead Coalition has already signed on to help fund the project.


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