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Zoning board to consider adult business ban | News

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Zoning board to consider adult business ban

ATLANTA -- Business life on Cheshire Bridge Road may be about to change.

The Atlanta Zoning Review Board will consider a sunset legislation. Two new ordinances being proposed by councilman Alex Wan would force adult-rated video stores and strip clubs to leave.

The Neighborhood Planning Unit F meeting, which includes residents who
live in surrounding neighborhoods, are supporting Wan's proposals.

"They've been working on this since 1999," he said.

In April, Wan appeared before the Lavista Neighborhood Association meeting held off Sheridan Road inside the Westminster Church. His conversation evening was focused on the plan that would end a sunset provision protecting adult businesses.

The amendments approved really put the vice on sexually-oriented operations.
"This has been a very collaborative process," Wan said.

Opponents are expected to speak against the proposal at the hearing.

"My biggest concern with this legislation is the precedent it sets with statewide effects," said Scott Selig, vice president of Selig Enterprises. His company owns 8 acres of land on and around the Cheshire Bridge Road thoroughfare, and he is the landlord to many familiar businesses along the corridor.

Selig says the issue has many potential troubling ramifications. "Any use of any building that is non-conforming, that is grandfathered in is now going to be subject to the political will of an area and the ability is to use this legislation to essentially make that use go away," he said.

Wan doesn't agree with his assessment.

"A community should have a say in what their community is and becomes," he said.

So with both views far apart, you can bet lawyers will be involved soon.

"If this goes through and it is passed, you will definitely see litigation from many different industries, not just real estate," Selig said.

"Let the court of law decide rather than us make those judgements," Wan replied.

If passed by City Council, the timetable to get rid of the adult businesses would be 2015.