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Coyotes invade quaint intown neighborhoods | News

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Coyotes invade quaint intown neighborhoods

ATLANTA -- This week concerns over coyotes.

First, it was family pets.

And now -- Fulton county families are worried their children could be attacked next.

Neighbors say it's happening right in the middle of the city near a busy area of shops , restaurants and bars.

The heart of Virginia Highland/ Morningside has never known Eastern Coyotes as part of it's unique landscape.

The street at issue is Kings Place, right off Amsterdam and about 100 yards off North Highland.

Michael Lloyd has lived off this street since 1975.

He snapped pictures near his home

"So I sat down on a tree stump and waited over an hour and I turned around and there were four critters looking at me and by the time I grabbed my camera there were two.

The critters are intimidating the neighbors.

Coyotes are without fear but not without food.

Sadly, missing dog Maxwell posters are an ominous sign of the times around here.

"Legally in Atlanta you can't fire a projectile."

Resident Gary Walker says this is not the time to give up.

"The only thing you can do if you don't have a trappers license is hand to hand with a spear, you can't throw the spear, it's against the law. (Hullinger) Pretty primitive isn't it? Well it's the way it is."

Just the way it is- -hand to hand with a spear in Virginia Highland/Morningside.

One local in her SUV told Jeff Hullinger, " I'm not even certain it's safe to be outside for us with them. I'm not sure what they. . .they desire but obviously they are carnivores."

Here is what we do know --the den inhabits this ravine between Kings Place and Courtney. It is overgrown with weeds and has water access.

Another resident Chris Walker said, " This morning I got up and was leaving to go to my work around 6 am and right where your van is up there. .there was one just standing there."

Everybody it seems has a tale of encounter --city has been dogged by the community. No action. So for now -- it's protect your pets and get inside.


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