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Commuter Dude: Where the money falls beneath Georgia 400 | News

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Commuter Dude: Where the money falls beneath Georgia 400

ATLANTA -- There are only a few more days left for drivers to surrender their quarters to the Georgia 400 toll plaza.

After Friday evening's rush hour, the trip along 400 will be free.

But where has all that change gone for the past 20 years?

11Alive's Commuter Dude discovered what lies beneath the Georgia 400 toll plaza is a six-hundred foot long tunnel.

While the tunnel holds several purposes, like helping the toll takers get to their individual booths without having to cross traffic, it's most important roll is exactly what one might expect -- collecting money.

The tunnel is encased in a maze of tubes. This is where the money falls, tallying up to $60,000 per day, into metal boxes locked in vaults.

Up above those tubes are the toll takers, who have heard all kinds of excuses from people who drive through with no quarters or no money at all.

"I didn't know this road was here"..."I didn't know I was going this way"..."My GPS led me this way," said Kaz Jones, a toll taker.

Jones added that he does keep a little extra change with him just in case he comes across someone in need.

"Sometimes I feel generous," Jones said with a laugh.

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