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As temps warm up, water pipes burst across the Metro | News

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As temps warm up, water pipes burst across the Metro

ATLANTA -- From Midtown to Marietta the scene was the same.

Frozen pipes beginning to thaw, expand, and burst.

"On my way to this call I passed three other plumbing trucks," said David Cunningham of Superior Plumbing.

Inside the Perimeter, Melvin Davis of Davis Plumbing concurred. "It's been mad all day. My phone has rung one after the other all day."

For homeowners, just trying to schedule a visit from a plumber can prove nearly impossible with all the emergencies across the area.

"All of a sudden we heard water rushing down," said Minor Karnes, a homeowner in Marietta. "Fortunately, my son was here, and he ran downstairs and shut the water off."

Ditto for Elizabeth Fox in Atlanta.

"Suddenly there was water gushing out of the shed under our house, shooting out everywhere."

At 50psi, water can do thousands of dollars in damage very quickly.

Cunningham surveyed the damage at Karnes' house, including the telltale icicles outside, coming from beneath the siding of the house. "It sprung a leak from the freeze-break," he said. "It hit this wall here and ran down the exterior."

The leak at Fox's home came from the area beneath her home. Melvin Davis of Davis Plumbing said that many older homes in the city share the same risk.

"Crawl spaces exposed; a lot of different piping configurations going on; old pipe connected to new or repaired pipes."
Some homeowners took extreme measures to weather proof their homes in time for the arctic blast.

"We went out and bought the faucet guards, drained the outside faucets, turned off the water to the outside faucets," said Karnes.

Others, like Fox were aware of the possibility of a leak but crossed their fingers and hoped Mother Nature would be kind.

"I knew some of the pipes had frozen, and I was being optimistic," she said. "I had all the valves open, hoping they would just thaw and drip out."

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