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Cain stumps in Atlanta en route to Saturday debate | News

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Cain stumps in Atlanta en route to Saturday debate
Cain stumps in Atlanta en route to Saturday debate

Hermain Cain addressed the Young Republicans National Federation in Atlanta Saturday, saying, "The American dream has been hijacked."

"I'm too old to be a Young Republican," Cain joked, "so I guess I'll have to settle for being one of the old dudes that take the country back with your help."

Cain was back in his hometown and in front of a friendly crowd, returning to the fire and brimstone that made him famous, away from the recent allegations that have made him infamous.

It was a return to normalcy for Cain after another wild week in the polls. Friday's CBS News poll shows Cain leading the pack with 18 percent but also shows Newt Gingrich rising -- tied for second with Mitt Romney at 15 percent. Friday's McClatchy-Marist poll shows Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney in front -- and Gingrich ahead of Cain for second place.

Gingrich saw his candidacy left for dead five months ago; some say he's survived and succeeded by simply staying out of trouble, avoiding gaffes in debates and external controversies.

Cain, of course, has been dealing with his own problems: sexual harassment allegations that led him to speak out defiantly earlier this week.

But Saturday, he was back on message. Cain spoke for 15 minutes, posed for pictures, and left without taking a single question from the hometown media -- all before quickly departing for Spartanburg, S.C. for the next debate.