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BUCKHEAD | Stacey English's remains identified | News

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BUCKHEAD | Stacey English's remains identified

ATLANTA -- Tony English, the father of missing Buckhead resident Stacey English, told 11Alive News he received a 7:15 phone call Wednesday morning from the Fulton County Medical Examiner that a body found in southeast Atlanta Monday evening is that of his missing daughter.

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The Fulton County Medical Examiner finished the initial phase of an autopsy on the body Tuesday night, but did not confirm that the remains belonged to English until Wednesday. According to family, English received updated dental X-rays two days before she went missing.  There was a delay in obtaining those new dental records when her family could temporarily not locate her medical cards and her purse.

The Medical Examiner's office says the autopsy has not revealed the cause of death, and that more tests are needed. 

Cindy and Kevin Jamison, English's mother and stepfather, talked to 11Alive News from their Jonesboro home Tuesday evening.

VIDEO | Stacey English's parents wait and worry

Cindy Jamison said the hardest part was watching the speculation on television. "You look at the news and you see the picture of our daughter and they're talking about this body that was found, but they're already making the association," she said. "It really tugs at us a lot harder.

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A group of men searching for scrap metal found the body under a tree in southeast Atlanta.

Police spokesman Carlos Campos said the body is in an "advanced stage of decomposition" and appeared to be wedged under the tree.

The body was discovered about a mile from the spot where police found English's car abandoned but still running on December 27.

VIDEO | Body found in SE Atlanta Monday evening
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The nephew of one of the men who found the body said his uncle saw some legs coming from under a tree. Warren Blackmon said he thinks the body was put under the tree. "Because that tree has been down for some months," Blackmon said. "If you look at the base of the tree, the roots, you could tell it's been uprooted for a while."

Campos said the family of English, 36, was notified immediately when they found the body. "We did reach out to the family to let them know that a body was found," he said. "That's only natural given the location of the body." Campos said police have made no connections between the two cases. 

Some of English's family members went to the scene where the body was found on St. Johns Avenue. Her cousin said it has been rough trying to figure out what happened to her. "All we can do is hope and pray that it's not (her)," James English said.

English's aunt said finding Stacey's body would be a relief in some ways. "The best thing that we could do right now is to find her regardless of what circumstances are, what conditions are, the best thing to do is to find her," said Bernice English Hurks. "And if this is not her, then I have to still be sad because it's somebody else's child."


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