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VIDEO: It's not just a foot-race to a finish line, it's a very personal journey for many runners

ATLANTA -- People run the annual AJC Peachtree Road Race for fun.

And for reasons that are very personal.

They run in honor of others.

They start, they finish, and know they've been part of something bigger than themselves that they just have to do again.

And out there among them with a handheld camera on Wednesday morning -- 11Alive's Jon Shirek.

BLOG | I'm a Locavore: Day 4

11Alive's Julie Wolfe is blogging about her participation in the Locavore Challenge through the month of July. The goal is to eat 90 percent of food from local sources.

VIDEO | Watch the original Locavore story

ATLANTA -- The Locavore Challenge started on Sunday, July 1, but I started a day late for a simple reasons: s'mores. I spent the weekend camping and hiking at Black Rock Mountain State Park in north Georgia. I couldn't possibly have a campfire without roasting marshmallows and squishing them between graham crackers with melting chocolate. (See, you want one right now, don't you?)

It turns out, I found the perfect place to start eating 90 percent local food.

Watch yourself cross the AJC Peachtree Road Race finish line

WXIA -- We put a camera at the end of the finish line of this year's race and recorded from the time the first wheelchair racer crossed until they closed the course.

Below are the times broken out into parts, with the time into the race listed by it.  The time is from the start of the wheelchair division through the final racers.

Click on the link and see yourself cross the finish line!

Part 1- 19 minutes to 31 minutes into race

Part 2- 33 minutes to 47 minutes into race

Part 3- 47 minutes to 1hr03min into race

Part 4- 1hr03 to 1hr25min into race

Road closures for the AJC Peachtree Road Race

ATLANTA -- With the AJC Peachtree Road Race, roads around the race area are closed and will be closed through race time.

Here are some maps and course info to help if you are headed to the race, or want to avoid the area.

MAP | Starting Area Road Closures
MAP | Finish Line area Road Closures
LIST | Complete Road Closures
MAP | Course Map


Snellville company helps wheelchair athletes win

SNELLVILLE, Ga. -- Barry Ewing is a perfectionist because he has so much riding on his work.

"Hopefully, I've changed a lot of people's lives," said Ewing, the owner of Eagles Sportschairs in Snellville. 

He runs a small operation that accounts for as much as 40 percent of the adaptive sports equipment market.

"There are a lot of people with certain disabilities that with minor equipment can do anything," he said. 

Ewing started the business in 1979 after his brother-in-law became a paraplegic in a car accident.

He now sells to all the top competitors, including Santiago Sanz from Spain, who's had seven first-place finishes in the Peachtree Road Race quadriplegic division.

"Oh, I love the Peachtree," Ewing said. "We always have lots of athletes there. I've had winners in every division."

Dude inspects AJC Peachtree Road Race Course with course director

Last year, 11Alive's Commuter Dude made some last minute calls to the Georgia D.O.T. to help smooth out some trouble spots on the AJC Peachtree Road Race course.

This year, Dude again rides along with course director Jack Abbott to inspect any problem areas.

Big changes in Georgia driver's license procedure

Big changes take effect today for drivers looking to renew, reinstate or obtain a new Georgia driver's license. First, drivers must visit a Department of Driver Services office in person. On-line or mail-in renewals are no longer allowed. Secondly, applicants must provide one legal form of identification, i.e. Original birth certificate or valid passport. (Current or expired driver's license not accepted). They must also present two documents with proof of Georgia residency such as a current utility bill or bank statement. And finally, they must show a full, printed social security number on a Social Security card or document such as a W-2 form. This is in response to the 2005 Real I.D. Act which passed following 9-11. For a complete checklist of acceptable documents, go to the D.D.S. website.