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Hair Stylist Becomes Hero, Donates Kidney to Client

It's the story about an unlikely pair of women, their stories woven together by a beautiful surprise from one to the other.

For ten years, Donna Burchfield of Druid Hills suffered the effects of renal failure; for five years, she had been waiting on the kidney transplant list. This always-active woman, at the time in her late 50's, was suddenly sapped of her energy.

"Some mornings I would wake up and not be able to put on clothes," Burchfield said. "I was just crawling through concrete. I had calcium problems, I had potassium problems, so really the renal failure affected all parts of my body."

Family members offered their kidneys, but none were a match. With Donna's health and hope deteriorating, a match came from an unlikely source:

Donna's hair salon.

Varsity Jr. Coming Back To Lindbergh?

ATLANTA -- It heralded the end of an era when the news began to emerge this summer that the venerable Varsity Jr. in Lindbergh was about to close, after hitting an impasse with the city over its renovation design.

But this week there is hope that the Varsity Jr. might be coming back, after owner Gordon Muir met with city officials, including Mayor Kasim Reed.

"What's happening with the Lindbergh property is that Mayor Kasim Reed has been very proactive," Muir said. "We've had two meetings with him, and we've been talking to him about the situation and the problems we ran into that forced the closing. It's a work in progress."

Muir added that right now he's concentrating on finishing the new Dawsonville Varsity, and that not all issues with the redesign at Lindbergh have been settled. But he is clearly impressed by the mayor's new role as mediator in the dispute.

GBI Joins Probe into Possible APS Test Cheating

ATLANTA -- GBI agents showed up at several Atlanta Public Schools on Monday afternoon, joining the investigation into possible cheating on standardized tests.

"I think it leads questions to the fact of how much did they want to know," said an angry Gov. Sonny Perdue two months ago, when he named his own special investigators to look into possible cheating on CRCT standardized tests at several Atlanta public schools.

Perdue essentially accused the system of whitewashing its own investigation, an investigation that many staffers refused to cooperate with it.

Now the governor has issued an executive order adding the GBI to the probe. Its agents have subpoena power and could recommend criminal charges.

As GBI agents began fanning out to several Atlanta schools Monday afternoon, the school system insisted it is cooperating.

Try It Review: Hanky Tanky Hanger

BUCKHEAD -- Amanda Meredith is an Atlanta actress who always looks fabulous when she's out and about.

"I love clothes," She said. "That's something I'm very passionate about."

But the small closets in her apartment just can't hold her growing wardrobe.

"I've got wrinkled items and no space for more because you know I love to shop," she said.

She's tried different closet organizers but has always been disappointed. One she is using now keeps falling to the floor.

The Hanky Tanky Hanger claims it can triple your closet space and hold up to 12 garments on a single hanger.

Hangers sell for $15 each or two for $25 plus shipping and handling.

Amanda was eager to give it a try but first she had to put the plastic hanger together. She found it difficult to push the rods through the central post.

Try It Review: Slim Ts

BUCKHEAD -- It's been a long journey but Jamie Miles is proud to say he's an actor and model. A year and a half ago he began his journey to lose weight and get healthy.

"I saw a picture of myself and when I saw that photo," Jamie remembers. "I was . . . wow, something's got to change. And I decided to have lap band surgery."

Jamie has done great of losing weight and getting his blood pressure and cholesterol in check.

"I am down 93 pounds," Jamie said.

But he still has a bit of a bulge he can't quite get rid of.

"Still got the little love handles here," Jamie said as he pinched his side. 

Slim Ts says it's a men's body shaping tank top that makes you look pounds thinner and inches smaller.

Getting Kids to Give Back Is Important to Teacher


Atlanta -- "Today we are going to be making a Georgia cookie. We've been talking about the great state of Georgia," said Tangie Byrd to a classroom of second graders at Atlanta's Morris Brandon Elementary School.

A yummy lesson awaits and these little ones know it. Large cookie/cakes in the shape of the state of Georgia are on their desks.

The students and Byrd are reviewing their lessons on Georgia's five regions, including the coastal plains, Appalachian plateau and other areas of the state and city of Atlanta, then, finally.

"I know you guys have been waiting (to decorate and eat) because you've been looking at me like, Ms. Byrd, when are we going to do this? Look at your cookie key," Byrd tells them.

What's Happening this Weekend?

ATLANTA -- From festivals to a fashion show, there's something fun for everyone in Metro Atlanta this weekend.

Little Five Points Halloween Festival and Parade 2010
October 15 : 5 p.m. - 10 p.m.  -- Little Five Points - East Atlanta
Celebrate Halloween early at the 10th annual Little Five Points parade. Come in costume or just sit back and enjoy the floats and elaborate attire worn by parade participants.