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Temporary sewer line blocks Atlanta intersection


ATLANTA -- A temporary above ground sewer line extending along Nancy Creek Road and ending up in the middle of the Ridgewood Road intersection has neighbors fuming.

They said that no matter what they do, nothing has been done to fix leaky pipes, clear out the intersection or remove the above ground temporary line.

What neighbors now face is an obstacle course in the middle of a busy intersection and there's nothing being done to get rid of it.

The temporary sewer line extends about a quarter mile ending at an open manhole right in the middle of the Ridgewood Road intersection.

Health officials continue to track cause of mystery illness

ATLANTA -- State and county health officials continue to investigate an illness that may have sickened more than 100 people.

The Fulton County Department of Health and Wellness and the Georgia Department of Public Health are continuing to gather information on the abdominal illness.

Last week, doctors in Buckhead said they had treated dozens of patients who may have been stricken with a parasite called cystoisosporiasis.

As of Tuesday, 100 people had responded to the health department's request to complete a survey, according to Fulton County health officials.

Parasitic metro-Atlanta illness reports continue, hotspots develop

ATLANTA -- It's a story that continues to be a mystery and appears growing in its reach.


There are now dozens of Fulton County residents who have reported being sickened with a mysterious illness.

Doctors in Buckhead said they've had an influx of patients with a parasite called cystoisosporiasis.

But the big problem is that no one knows exactly how they got it.

Mystery illness in Buckhead blamed on parasite

ATLANTA -- A Buckhead doctor is seeing case after case of a strange illness come into his office. All patients have the same symptoms -- a terrible stomach bug, debilitating them for weeks at a time.

The mystery sickness began spreading in June. In some cases, doctors have narrowed it down to a treatable parasite.

But one question remains -- where did it start?


That's what Ashley Gelber wants to know. She lives near Chastain Park, and she and two neighbors came down with the illness back in June. Gelber is still sick, and dozens in her community are dealing with the same symptoms.

CHAT LIVE: Buckhead mystery illness

ATLANTA -- A Buckhead doctor is seeing case after case of a strange illness come into his office. All patients have the same symptoms -- a terrible stomach bug, debilitating them for weeks at a time.

11Alive medical correspondent Dr. Sujatha Reddy will join us from 5 p.m to 6 p.m. to answer your questions about the illness.

Click here to see the story, leave your questions in the chat below and check back at 5 to get the answers you need.

Mass same-sex wedding planned in Buckhead

CHICAGO (AP) - Celebrity chef Art Smith of Chicago was planning to throw a massive wedding ceremony Sunday in Atlanta. He says it will become a celebration of the Supreme Court's historic ruling.

Smith says the court's decision Friday means America "truly is the land of the free."

Smith's "101 Gay Weddings" event will be at the Intercontinental Hotel in the Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta. He held a similar event in February in Miami Beach.

Smith married his husband, Jesus Salgueiro (Sahl-GAIR'-ee-oh), on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. A Chicago resident, Smith is known as Oprah Winfrey's chef and owner of the Chicago restaurant Table 52.

Fear and frustration in Buckhead after four home invasions

ATLANTA-- Katy Romano and her daughter Sophia know all about the recent home invasions in Buckhead. It has dominated many of the conversations of residents around the area, especially given that the suspects are still at large and increasingly brazen.

"There a mix of emotions. Fear. Frustration. Anger. Its frightening.", said Katy Romano.

Police admit the incidents are all similar: two armed men violently break into homes with entire families inside.


"To know they're willing to terrorize not just adults but children is really scary," said Sophia Romano.