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Jersey Girl Sports hosts "1st & Flirty" Football 101 for Women in Atlanta with the Harvey Twins | Community Spirit

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Jersey Girl Sports hosts "1st & Flirty" Football 101 for Women in Atlanta with the Harvey Twins
Jersey Girl Sports hosts "1st & Flirty" Football 101 for Women in Atlanta with the Harvey Twins


Jersey Girl Sports(JGS) is the number one online multimedia website and lifestyle brand for female sports fans presenting sports news, information, entertainment and sports lifestyle content from a female perspective. Now Jersey Girl Sports are engaging their fans through interactive sports 101 events geared towards women through Jersey Girl Sports University (JGSU). Their football 101 event, 1st & Flirty, is kicked off in Miami with Black Enterprise Labor Day Weekend during their signature Golf & Tennis Challenge event and in Atlanta; they have partnered with twins, Brandi and Karli Harvey of Young, Fit & Fly to co-host the event at Hudson Grille in Midtown on Sunday, September 18th beginning at 6pm. Tickets are only $20 and includes all-you-can-eat buffet and drink specials all in the privacy of our own room.

Launched in June 2009, Atlanta-based Jersey Girl Sports was created by two friends who shared a passion and love for sports who was determined to share their knowledge for sports with other women like themselves. The company tag says "Where Women and Sports Meet on Our Terms" is the exact feeling that Angela Davis and Marcelle English, the founders, want this niche medium of female fans to experience at 1st & Flirty.

"JGSU is a series of events that give women the '101' on their favorite sports. These interactive 'classrooms' are fun and engaging and really get women connected to their favorite team and/or players" shares Angela Davis.  Women will come out and eat, drink, and then put their knowledge to the test and watch the Falcons take on the Eagles for their first home game.

Confirmed sponsors for Ist & Flirty include: Carol's Daughter-Lenox Square, Last Round Hangover Support, Rhianna's Reb'l Fleur perfume, Queen Latifah's "Queen" perfume, Katie Waltman Jewelry, Author, Becky Due, Zestra and Kraze Magazine Brandi Harvey shares her excitement, "We believe what Jersey Girl Sports are doing to bring sports into the world of women is incredible. As leaders in the Women's Empowerment Movement we believe it is vital for women to make their personal fitness a top priority.  Sports are definitely a sexy way that keeps us looking and feeling; Young, Fit and Fly!"

"1st & Flirty is that playbook that every woman wish she had when watching sports with her boyfriend or husband," says,Marcelle English, "We empower women to learn the game, speak the game and BE the game. AND enjoy a game as much as any man, just with better shoes!"

So, who is a Jersey Girl?  According to www.JerseyGirlSports.com, Jer∙sey Girl: [jur-zee gurl] n. --A woman who likes sports; a woman who embraces sports as a part of her lifestyle; the successful woman at the end of the bar who enjoys sports as much as any man, just with better shoes.

To sign up for 1st & Flirty or to learn more about Jersey Girl Sports, please visit the website at www.jerseygirlsports.com.

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