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Random Acts of Kindness: Kimberly Brenowitz

Random Acts of Kindness: Kimberly Brenowitz

ATLANTA -- Today's random act of kindness is for Kimberly Brenowitz. 

Kimberly Brenowitz is the founder and president of a non-profit called Animals Deserve Better. Kimberly's organization rescues animals all over Georgia, and then works to find them forever homes. 

Another focus of Animals Deserve Better is "Paws for Life," a program where rescued dogs are trained to become therapy and assistance dogs for children and adults with disabilities. All aspects of Kimberly's non-profit rely solely on volunteers and donations. 

Kimberly's close friend Carolyn told us all about Kimberly's hard work and dedication, and we realized she was overdue for a special surprise. 

PetSmart to host National Adoption Weekend

PetSmart to host National Adoption Weekend

(WXIA) -- PetSmart Charities is planning a major adoption event at stores nationwide.

National Adoption Weekend will be Sept. 13-15. Thousands of dogs and cats will be available for PetSmart customers to take home.

Adoption representatives will also be on hand to answer questions about caring for a new pet.

PetSmart Charities will give $35 to grants to participating local adoption partners for every pet that finds a new home during National Adoption Weekend.

"We are proud to partner with PetSmart Charities to find lifelong loving homes for thousands of pets this National Adoption Weekend," PetSmart CEO David Lenhardt said.

Learn more and find your closest PetSmart store at petsmart.com.

Star pet painter paints Pirelli

Star pet painter paints Pirelli

ALPHARETTA, Ga. -- "I've done everything from sales to marketing, accounting," said Emily Griffith. But one day nine years ago, long after most people have chosen their life's path, Griffith found a new one.

"I was early in my 40's, and I had no idea I knew how to paint," she said.

Turns out Griffith was a natural, and even though she calls a first painting of her dog primitive, it's still better than most people could ever do.

"The more you paint, the more your eye gets trained," she said humbly.

Almost 1,000 paintings later, Griffith is a renowned painter -- of pets.

"That's what I'm known for is capturing the dog's personality," she said.

Especially when that dog is the dawg -- Ugga. Griffith has painted Uggas 7, 8 and 9.

She also painted actress Tori Spelling's dog, who died.

And she's painted hundreds of not so famous pets, no less adored by their owners.

Companions for Heroes puts military vets with pets

Companions for Heroes puts military vets with pets

ATLANTA, Ga. -- For many in the military, the images of war can replay over and over in nightmares and cold sweats. 

They are hard to erase... until you see a face like the one on Elvis the Dachshund. It immediately melts your heart and makes you smile. 

And that's the simple medicine of matching vets with pets in a program called "Companions for Heroes." 

"A dog like Elvis is just kind of there with you," said Cathy Roth of the Urban Pet Project shelter in Atlanta. "No matter what you do, he just wants to be your friend. It gives those veterans the love that they need to move on." 

Protect Your Kids and Pets from Summer Heat

Protect Your Kids and Pets from Summer Heat

Summer in the south is officially here! With rising temperatures, it is important to take steps to protect those around us who might be vulnerable to the heat, like our children and pets.

Did you know that we lose heat by sweating? Water literally evaporates into the atmosphere and sucks the heat out of our bodies. Children produce even more heat than adults. This is because they have more body surface for their height. Children are also closer to the ground – and to hot pavement. They can easily become dehydrated or overheated.

Here are some tips to keep your children and pets safe in the heat.

Expert Pet Finder Offers Tips to Locate Lost Animals Faster, Gets Tails Wagging

Expert Pet Finder Offers Tips to Locate Lost Animals Faster, Gets Tails Wagging

ATLANTA -- Have you ever lost a pet? Panic sets in and emotions run high. What to do? First, get calm. Then, take immediate action and follow the tips from lost animal expert Tim Link of Wagging Tales. As a full-time animal expert, Tim has worked with thousands of domesticated animals and their human companions, and he has quickly become the foremost expert in finding missing animals. Tim’s most popular service: finding lost pets — mostly beloved cats and dogs.

Fix Ga. Pets addresses pet overpopulation

Fix Ga. Pets addresses pet overpopulation

ATLANTA -- Did you know that:

* 70 percent of animals in metro Atlanta shelters are killed every year?

* In 2011, an estimated 80,000 pets were put to death in metro Atlanta?

* Statewide, an estimated 300,000 pets are put to death every year at a cost of $100 million to taxpayers?

Now, a concerned group of Georgians has launched an outreach program designed to prevent the euthanization of dogs and cats through spaying and neutering.

Fix Georgia Pets was created in affiliation with nonprofit Animal Companion Rescue Foundation. The group raises money for local veterinarians and spay/neuter clinics.

"Our primary goal is to raise enough money to fix 50,000 pets over the next two years and slow the growth of our state's pet population," said Ginny Millner, founder of Fix Georiga Pets.