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Rep. John Lewis Responds to Georgia Court Decision to Block Provisions of Immigration Bill

Rep. John Lewis Responds to Georgia Court Decision to Block Provisions of Immigration Bill

Atlanta, GA --  Rep. John Lewis made this statement upon hearing that U.S. District Court Judge Thomas Thrash blocked parts of H.R. 87 (the Georgia Immigration Bill)

“When this law was passed, I was deeply disappointed in the leadership of this state.  It seemed we were willing to turn a blind eye to the worst and most bitter lessons of our discriminatory past to embrace tactics that took us backwards and jeopardized our chances to move forward economically, socially, and politically.  As H.R.

Goodwill receives $5.7 million grant to help those in need

Goodwill receives $5.7 million grant to help those in need

ATLANTA -- Good news is coming for many Georgians who are struggling to find jobs.

U.S. Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis recently announced that Goodwill of North Georgia will receive $5,724,222 to help people with barriers to employment, namely ex-offenders and low-income non-custodial parents, obtain the skills they need to find work.

The funds will go toward an Enhanced Transitional Jobs Demonstration program, which offers temporary paid work experiences to more than 3,500 people nationwide. The program improves participants' employability, earnings and opportunities for advancement, not to mention their self-sufficiency and long-term success in the workforce.

"This grant provides needed support to individuals who face significant obstacles to employment," Solis said.

"Newtiny!" Gingrich Top Staffers Jump Ship.

"Newtiny!" Gingrich Top Staffers Jump Ship.

  When Newt Gingrich was in Macon for the state GOP convention last month, his longtime campaign spokesman Rick Tyler was never more than a half-step away to fend off reporters and point out the big money in the room.

   On Thursday Tyler and a half dozen top advisors, including campaign manager Rob Johnson and honorary co-chair former Governor Sonny Perdue all defected, or in the words of one Twitter user, mounted a "Newtiny."

   The orchestrated move left "Team-Gingrich" with almost no first-string players.

City leaders honor W.E.B. Du Bois Scholars

City leaders honor W.E.B. Du Bois Scholars

ATLANTA -- Metro Atlanta leaders will dispense the celebrity treatment to six outstanding Georgia high school students this week.

It's Scholars Recognition Week, a series of celebrations that honor members of the W.E.B. Du Bois Scholars program. This initiative was created by the Atlanta-based W.E.B. Du Bois Society to give fanfare and public recognition to high-achieving black students.

The W.E.B. Du Bois Scholars program is the only recognition outreach of its kind that is modeled after the lauded U.S.

Immigrant contributions to the U.S. Economy

A new SBA Office of Advocacy sponsored report by Robert W. Fairlie examines the contributions of immigrants to the U.S. economy. Some of its findings are:

    Immigrants are nearly 30 percent more likely to start a business than are nonimmigrants, and they represent 16.7 percent of all new business owners in the United States.

    Immigrant business owners make significant contributions to business income, generating $67 billion of the $577 billion in U.S. business income, as estimated from 2000 U.S. Census data. They generate nearly one-quarter of all business income in California—nearly $20 billion—and nearly one-fifth of business income in New York, Florida, and New Jersey.

    Nearly 30 percent of all business owners in California are immigrants, compared with about 12.5 percent of the population of U.S. business owners.

Fulton County and Atlanta Award Security Contracts

Norred & Associates, Atlanta's largest locally-owned and operated security firm, has been awarded two substantial security contracts by Fulton County and the city of Atlanta that are expected to generate additional hiring in the metro Atlanta area, according to company officials.

Norred's contracts with Fulton County and the city of Atlanta are for one year each, with two one-year options.   Norred & Associates has hired and assigned 117 employees to the Fulton County contract. Approximately 150 security officers will be allocated to the city of Atlanta contract.   May 27 is the anticipated start date for the city contract.

Feds crack down on prescription drug trafficking

Feds crack down on prescription drug trafficking

ATLANTA -- A federal grand jury in Atlanta has charged a total of 13 defendants from two states with illegally trafficking in oxycodone and other prescription drugs.

The two cases arise out of intensified efforts to address Georgia's growing problem with prescription drug abuse.

"Prescription drug abuse is our nation's fastest-growing segment of illegal drug use, causing significantly more overdose deaths than cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin combined," said United States Attorney Sally Quillian Yates.

In the first incident, 11 Georgia residents were charged with conspiring to forge oxycodone prescriptions and sell the illegally obtained tablets.