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City of Atlanta Initiates First Comprehensive Downtown "Street Tree" Inventory | Business

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City of Atlanta Initiates First Comprehensive Downtown "Street Tree" Inventory
City of Atlanta Initiates First Comprehensive Downtown "Street Tree" Inventory

The City of Atlanta Department of Planning and Community Development and the Office of Parks has conducted the first comprehensive inventory of the city’s publicly-owned downtown trees.  The inventory included an assessment of the trees along streets, boulevards, parks, and public spaces in the downtown area.  The tree inventory will provide information about the species, size, quality, and condition of public trees in downtown Atlanta. 

Information from the inventory will help establish management priorities by:

  • identifying trees that need to be pruned or removed,
  • revealing any systemic problems with pests or disease,
  • identifying the distribution of tree species with size, height, and other characteristics, and
  • providing an up-to-date report on the overall condition of the trees. 

The inventory identified locations with sufficient space for planting trees, aiding in future planting efforts. 

Because of the benefits trees offer, they help reduce municipal costs associated with storm water infrastructure, ozone non-attainment, and lost wages and other costs resulting from asthma and other illnesses related to poor air quality.

The City’s Parks Department is responsible for regulating trees on public property and includes tree crews responsible for the maintenance and care of trees located in the city's right-of-ways, parks, and green spaces. The City’s Arborist Division is responsible for regulating trees on private property.  The all-volunteer Tree Conservation Commission helps guide the City on planting needs, long-term planning, and community outreach, as well as serving as an appeals board for citizen appeals related to administrative decisions regarding trees. 

The downtown "street tree" inventory pilot project may eventually lead to a larger project that will take inventory of all City of Atlanta trees.  For more information about the tree inventory, please contact the City of Atlanta Office of Buildings, Arborist Division at 404-330-6150.