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Thief Posing As Contractor in Buckhead

Via APD:

This man is posing as a contractor and entering residences without permission. The homes he enters are usually under renovation.

Once inside the homes, the male suspect steals wallets and jewelry, mostly small items which are easily concealed; then leaves the residence.

Our recommendation is for contractors to maintain a log on site for individuals to sign in and out for work details.  Residents are encouraged to secure personal items while work is in process at their homes.

Loan Modification Could be Good, but Short Sale is Better says 1 Expert

Atlanta, GA--  As more and more Atlanta homeowners find themselves in financial distress and are forced to make tough decisions regarding their homes and specifically their dropping values and ballooning mortgage payments, we turned to a housing expert to help us navigate this complex situation.

Marian Anthony is a real estate finance expert and author of Short Sale RUSH- A How To Guide for Nonperforming Assets.  According to Marian, a Short Sale is more advantageous than a Loan Modification or a Foreclosure because "the reduced payoff in a short sale releases you from the debt obligation." He states that a foreclosure will ruin the homeowner's credit, and "a loan modification actually builds a debt trap around the borrower, milking them for every last nickel."

With so much information and marketing dollars being spent on homeowners getting into Loan Modification programs which may keep you bogged in debt for years, take Marian's su