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Da Hot Commodity presents Cameron Doctor 'The Foot Doctor' | Style

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Da Hot Commodity presents Cameron Doctor 'The Foot Doctor'
Da Hot Commodity presents Cameron Doctor 'The Foot Doctor'

ATLANTA -- In Savannah, Georgia,1987, Cameron Doctor was born and raised. At age 5, he was a very talented artist. During his highschool years, he went to a highschool plus 2 colleges. By age 19, Cameron Doctor moved to Florence, S.C.. By age 20, he attended a Culinary Arts School and started making shoe designs, after watching people make them online. In 2007, Cameron Doctor started making them. By April 2012, he was satisfied with his technique. After he was introduced to a few new people about his product, the feedback he received let him know he had something going.

2 1/2 years after viewing the technique online, Cameron Doctor began designing the shoes onsite at a Flea Market with a business partner. That partner had contacted him online about his talent and told him from experiences, he knew a way he could market the product more sufficiently. Upon receiving his partners' input on the business aspect of the product, the 'Thriller', Micheal Jackson shoe was created! It was Cameron Doctors'  first designed shoe which contained a portrait drawing of the 'Thriller' album cover!

Cameron Doctor was invited to a Shoe Festival in New York called, 'The Dunk Exchange'. This is where shoe designers from all over, present their products. Also, many Entertainers perform for this event, such as; Rick Ross, Wale and Jadakiss to name a few. Cameron Doctor has now started a business called HS Customs. The HS Customs Store will open soon in November. He now designs shoes, purses, jewelry and clothing. The prices range from $50.00 for a kids size to $150 in adult male. Women shoes can be packaged with purses and bra tops etc. for $20+ more. All shoe sizes apply and shoes are made in leather or suede. The shoes are included in the purchase order. Check below for links to view or order his designs and portraits. Please make orders 2 weeks in advance.



http://www.facebook.com/#!/HSCUSTOMS1 and http://www.facebook.com/#1/Highsocietycustoms

ON TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/hscustoms

ON YOUTUBE: http://www.Youtube.com/HSCUSTOMS1