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Photo Gallery | Wet Willie's in $20


ATLANTA – It’s the first day of spring and the temperatures are rising. The city is abuzz with people looking for a good time and a dinner on a dime --- and that’s exactly what they’ll find at Wet Willies: Atlanta. The popular daiquiri shop boasts a “laid back atmosphere” and the same genuine feeling daiquiri enthusiasts experience when they visit the original restaurant in Savannah or the most popular location on Ocean Drive in Miami.

The owner of the restaurant, Carlos Emmons, a retired NFL player said he was looking into franchising opportunities upon his retirement and he decided on Wet Willies because he and his friends always “wished for a Wet Willies in Atlanta.”

“I had recently retired and sitting around and doing nothing wasn’t doing it for me. I knew it would be a challenge and I embraced that,” says Emmons about opening the restaurant.

The Atlanta location, situated in Lindbergh Plaza, was company’s first franchised location and Emmons was the company’s first franchisee. The restaurant has a relatively large patio, which looks directly onto Piedmont Road, half of the restaurant is exposed and the bar seats are plenty – the restaurant was designed for a good time.

In addition to the plentiful and spacious seating, the restaurant’s walls are decorated with custom murals; among them paintings of Emmons and his young daughter’s face.  

According to the owner, Wet Willies: Atlanta is supposed to be a place where “everyone is welcomed and they don’t have to spend a fortune” and according to the people it lives up to that measure.

“I wanted the restaurant to be a place to hang out with friends and be laid back,” says Emmons and the residents of Atlanta agreed.

Business at the restaurant is booming and on most nights, all of the seats are filled. At this restaurant, guests are able to enjoy every drink or dish they’d find at the Wet Willies Restaurant in Miami.

“The Call-A-Cab is one of the most famous drinks and it gives people the effects they want,” Emmons says referring to one of the more potent drinks. “Some people add Call-A-Cab to different flavored daiquiris to give them more of a kick.”

People, also, seem to enjoy the Lemon Pepper wings – they are the restaurants most popular menu item.

Wet Willies hosts Karaoke Nights, College Alumni Nights, and Game Day Celebrations and features a Live DJ on Friday and Saturday nights. And according the owner, he is scoping out locations to place a new restaurant – so stay tuned.

Every Tuesday, the Where U Live team chooses a Metro Atlanta restaurant and with the restaurant's help, shows you how you can sample the menu without spending too much.


The restaurant chose to feature their Pina Colada Shrimp which comes paired with pineapple coleslaw and a pineapple slice. The meal includes about six extra large local shrimp which are breaded in a thick coconut breading; shrimp are served with a Thai Sweet Chili sauce on a pineapple half. An order of the Pina Colada shrimp cost $8.

Along with theshrimp, Emmons suggests ordering a Pink Flamingo daiquiri.  The daiquiri is a custom mixture of the Strawberry and Pina Colada flavors. An 8oz Pink Flamingo costs $8.


The restaurant, also, suggests trying their Original 8oz. USDA Angus Burger. The burger is a hand-crafted patty served with lettuce, tomato, onion and cheese or bacon; adding American cheese and bacon costs $1.50 and the burger is served with French fries. The burger and fries meal costs $8.00

In addition to the burger, the restaurant suggests the Bob Marley daiquiri which is a mixture of the Mango, Strawberry and Green Apple daiquiris. The Bob Marley daiquiri is unique because it is patterned to look identical to the Jamaican Flag. An 8oz Bob Marley will set you back $8.


Another popular meal is the hand-breaded Catfish sandwich. The Catfish Sandwich is crafted with fried catfish and served on a hoagie roll with shredded lettuce and a side of Cajun tartar sauce. The Catfish sandwich was an original meal at the Atlanta restaurant but is, now, served at all Wet Willies locations. An order of Catfish costs $10.

Wet Willies suggests pairing a Jell-O Shot with the Catfish Sandwich. The restaurant makes homemade Jell-O shots, everyday. The shots are crafted with 190 proof grain alcohol and various flavors of Jell-O. These shots are, both, “inexpensive and effective.” Each Jell-O shot costs about $2.