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Turner/New South Construction Break Ground on Douglas Cty Adult Detention and Law Enforcement Center

Turner Construction Company, in a joint venture with New South Construction, broke ground Nov.

Crime Warning from Brookhaven-Chamblee Home Owners and Neighborhood Business Alliance

October 26, 2010


U-Haul Rental on Peachtree Road had three of its trucks Catalytic Converters stolen from its rental trucks on Peachtree Road.

The manager informed us that he had to call DeKalb Police 911 three times before someone answered the telephone.  This is unacceptable.



Kevin G. Hughley, President

Brookhaven Chamblee Home Owners and Neighborhood Business Alliance

Town Hall Meeting on Immigration at the Loudermilk

Come and listen to a panel of experts and economists discuss the potential impact of the controversial Arizona-type law being considered for Georgia at a town hall meeting entitled, “The Economics of an Arizona law: What would that mean to Georgia?” This meeting will be held at The Loudermilk Center (40 Courtland Street) on Tuesday from 5:30 to 8:00 p.m.

The event is being hosted by the Asian American Legal Advocacy Center, Inc. (AALAC) of Georgia, Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials (GALEO) and Latin American Association.

Thief Posing As Contractor in Buckhead

Via APD:

This man is posing as a contractor and entering residences without permission. The homes he enters are usually under renovation.

Once inside the homes, the male suspect steals wallets and jewelry, mostly small items which are easily concealed; then leaves the residence.

Our recommendation is for contractors to maintain a log on site for individuals to sign in and out for work details.  Residents are encouraged to secure personal items while work is in process at their homes.